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About One Mother

ONE MOTHER is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization located in Centennial, Colorado. The inspiration for ONE MOTHER came from women at the Tambaram Community Development Society, a non-governmental organization on the outskirts of Chennai, India. The women, who were part of an empowerment program at TCDS, proudly displayed the products they worked so diligently to make and sell at their local markets to two visitors from the U.S.

These women are among the one billion people living in extreme poverty who scratch out a livelihood trading in their local markets. Using the most inexpensive raw materials and selling their crafts for the meager price their customers can afford, they earn approximately $1 a day. They lack the resources to invest in the raw materials and training to make products that would increase their income to a just wage. And, without access to markets where they can sell such products, they remain on the bottom rung of the economic ladder.

Today, ONE MOTHER works to give these mothers the hand up they need to climb to the next rung in dignity.

The hand we offer is based on the following beliefs:

When women thrive, their children thrive and so do their communities.

Of the more than one billion people living in poverty, 70 percent are women. And, although women do about 66 percent of the world's work and produce half of the world's food, they receive less than five percent of its income. Despite these inequalities, research shows that women in poor countries are more likely to spend their income on food, education, and healthcare for their children, reducing poverty in the long-term.

Economic justice, not charity, is what women need.

We create self-sustaining income generating programs aimed at empowering women. Women are paid a fair wage while they are trained in a marketable skill. The training they receive is a gift they give back to their community as each woman fulfills her promise to train the next group of women in need.

A good education is the best way for women and their children to break the cycle of poverty.

ONE MOTHER markets the products in the U.S. and then reinvests profits in TCDS to expand and improve their education and empowerment programs for the women and their children. The women receive guidance in financial management and nutrition. Tutoring offered at TCDS is designed to improve the children's test scores to help them reach the highest education level possible.

Partnerships with local, community nonprofits enable us to effectively meet the needs of the women we serve in a culturally relevant manner.

ONE MOTHER is collaborating with the Tambaram Community Development Society outside Chennai, India to empower HIV positive women. TCDS was established in 1985 by Pastor Ambrose Dhanaraj who is a member of the Dalit (Untouchable) class. Despite his circumstances, he was able to attend college and has been working on behalf of the discriminated and poor ever since. The TCDS staff members are part of the community where they work. They see how people with HIV are treated within their community and understand how best to meet their needs.